I am getting below error in update.cron.log file.

[2020-01-20 05:33:01] update-cron.ERROR: Cron readiness check failure! Found non-writable paths: /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/.github /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/.htaccess.sample /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/.php_cs.dist /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/.travis.yml /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/.user.ini /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/CHANGELOG.md /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/COPYING.txt /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/Gruntfile.js.sample /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/LICENSE.txt /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/LICENSE_AFL.txt /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/app/design/adminhtml/Magento /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/app/design/frontend/Magento /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/dev/tests/acceptance /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/dev/tests/integration/_files /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/nginx.conf.sample /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/package.json.sample /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/php.ini.sample /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/pub/static/.htaccess /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/var/.htaccess /var/www/vhosts/project/webroot/vendor/.htaccess [] []

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The issue about of file does not give write permission so run bellow command in Magento root directory:

chmod -R 777 .github
chmod -R 777 pub var generated
  • let me try once Jan 20, 2020 at 6:28

The issue happens because of the ownership is not right at your system.

The user (like apache) from where your add your cronjob, does not have write & read issue. So, you have to provide that user to the right access to run cron job and that user must have the permission of access like Web user access & permission.


Suppose, you have web user apache i.e www-data and you can run cronjob from that www-data, then try below code:

sudo crontab -u www-data php bin/magento cron:install --force

Checkout below like regarding this topic:



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