delivery slots will be:

11am - 1pm 3 -5 pm 5 – 7 pm 7-9pm 9-10:30 pm

User can choose any delivery slots for today and tomorrow . Only those time slots will be available to choose which will have 3 hours difference in the later time and the time of placing the order For eg. - If a person places an order at 4: 30 pm . then for today he can choose slots 7-9 , 9-10.30 only and all slots for tomorrow. He cannot choose slot 5-7 pm as the later time is 7 and the difference is 2.5 hours

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I think you need something like book your table.

I guess this can be done via attribute:

You can create around 10 options under Booking attribute.

  • 11am - 1pm-Today
  • 3 -5 pm-Today
  • 5 – 7 pm-Today
  • 7-9pm-Today
  • 9-10:30 pm-Today
  • 11am - 1pm-Tomorrow
  • 3 -5 pm-Tomorrow
  • 5 – 7 pm-Tomorrow
  • 7-9pm-Tomorrow
  • 9-10:30 pm-Tomorrow

Then based on the current time of server/system whatever suits you best, you can display the attributes.

Say you found via code current time = 3 , then you will need to add the condition that the drop down wil be shown from 5-7 pm-today, 7-9pm-today and so on..

I mean this logic can be used. Will need to write the code accordingly


I believe you need a new custom order attribute you can place at the "shipping" checkout step and then save in the database for each new order via, say, observer.

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