My site is running on the server .I want to make it password protected by using htacess but i am confused about the htacess file location

  1. /var/www/projectname/.htaccess
### password protected ###
AuthName "Protected page"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile "/var/www/projectname/.htpasswd"
Require valid-user
  1. /var/www/projectname/.htpasswd

Note :

usman:$apr1$zUikaL6j$5GClp9ADKHm8/uuhph3BI1 = usman:usman
  |               |
username       password
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  • it gives me 500 internal server error – usman Jan 15 at 20:50
  • when i check var/log/apache2/error.log it gave me an error of [Thu Jan 16 01:51:17.608694 2020] [authn_file:error] [pid 14977] (2)No such file or directory: [client] AH01620: Could not open password file: /var/www/html/myproject.htpasswd – usman Jan 15 at 20:52
  • In AuthUserFile "/var/www/projectname/.htpasswd" you replace projectname by your Real project name – PЯINCƏ Jan 15 at 20:54
  • Thanks a lot my issue is resolved .i only want to know how u incrept password? – usman Jan 15 at 20:57
  • 1
    Thanku so much .you save my day – usman Jan 15 at 20:59

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