Background: I have tried to bulk update attributes for my product but it fails. Digging in the error always is "URL key ... for specified store already exists." But I made no change to the URL key so why did it try to create a new one?

After digging a bit I can also not save a product - the error was the same-

After digging around I can see that when I open a product for edit, "the Create Permanent Redirect for old URL" is greyed out, as it should be since no change has been made, but it also is checked, which it should not be. Is that my problem?

I can manually get around it by changing the url key, which un-greys it, untick the box then change the url key back - but it is not feasible to go through every single one of my products to do this!

Is it normal that this box is that way and it should just be ignored unless the url key changes, and my bug is that it is not ignored?

I am not even sure what the bug is, but I know bulk updates fail

Does it mean that something should then process the form and correct it, and this is what is not happening?

I do not understand enough what is happening here and so pointers where to start looking would be most welcome.

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