I am currently running Magento 1.9 and have been using the Codazon Fastest Magento theme for some time now.

I have currently decided to use a .htaccess rewrite rule to ensure my visitors land on a www version of the site so I can take advantage of cloudflare.

I have also updated my urls via PHPMyAdmin in core_config_data under the secure/non-secure sections, and then cleared out the var/cache directory, aswell as refreshing all indexes.

The site is loading fine as the www version, along with all my pages and cloudflare ticking along nicely.

The issue present is on my horizontal Megamenu on child dropdown categories.

Here's my URL issue:

Parent Category url: https://www.example.com/parent-category

Child Category url: https://example.com/parent-category/child-category

With the child category url being non-www (for whatever reason), the link is redirected back to example.com and does not resolve at /parent-category/child-category

Now, i'm fairly certain there's no hardcoded urls at play here but am unsure as to which direction I should take next in order to resolve the issue.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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