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As the title suggests, I'm currently having some problems with a Magento 2 site, running in production mode, and it's static content / caching. The website loads just fine, but when I try to reload the page without caching enabled in the browser (Ctrl + shift + R or disabling cache in your browsers developer tools) it's no longer working as intended. CSS and javascript seems to be missing.

enter image description here

Here's the interesting part, though. If I go into the page's source code with caching disabled and click on one of the CSS links, it still shows the correctly loaded CSS.

enter image description here

I've attempted to find anyone with similar issues, but it seems pretty rare? It's a semi-large live website, so I've not attempted to clear any caches, reindex anything or deploy static content yet, as I'd rather not completly destroy the "live cached" site as well.

I mistakenly changed mode to production while already being in production mode - I think it might have happened after that, as it weren't a problem before.


I also just noticed that the deployed version in the deployed_version.txt file doesn't match the ones in the links, both with or without cache enabled.

File is 1578925531, website is 1578561207.

Any ideas?


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  • can u please check .htaccess file available in pub/static folder? – Naresh Rupareliya Jan 14 at 12:35
  • @NareshRupareliya It's there and available :-) – Webdevguy Jan 14 at 12:38

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