In the Save.php file in magento Catalog the Button is defined like this:

'label' => __('Save'),
        'class' => 'save primary',
        'data_attribute' => [
            'mage-init' => [
                'buttonAdapter' => [
                    'actions' => [
                            'targetName' => 'product_form.product_form',
                            'actionName' => 'save',
                            'params' => [

At first i thought that action Name was the name of the action of the controller but if i change it with my 'mymodule/mycontroller/save' it doesn't do anything. Searching in the Magento2 official documentation i found that there is a ButtonActionInterface defined somewhere. My question is:

What actually is the action used in the button and where is the file where it is defined.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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