I saw two topics about that but I'm still not sure.

I'm discovering Magento 2, I'm a frontend developer and right now, I just want to make my company website's header and footer (html, css) (so a theme)

Which folder should I use ? app/code or app/design.

If I'm creating a new module, I have to create all phtml files, layout, etc... in app/code/../view/frontend/templates/xx.phtml but if I'm overriding an existing module, eg : module-theme or module-catalog, I'm doing it in app/design/frontend/../../templates/xx.phtml?

  • For creating a new module you would place all you code inside app/code/vendorname/modulename/ For editing a theme you can either create a child theme of your current theme and do any changes to that. If you just want to do a few simple amends you can edit your theme which is situated in app/design, just remember that version control is your friend Jan 10, 2020 at 8:51

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Depends on the approach you want to have.

You need to understand few things.

In the app/design, you only can edit files: phtml, html, less, css, xml The design is last in the chain than anything that happens in the app/code. So if something happens in luma design, you can have troubles changing things in the app/code.

In the app/code this is a place for new modules. You can't access the mage lib here. Your can't change the templates that exist in the current design or any of its parent.

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