I try with this but my local system is working fine but the same module when I upgrade in live site then is not working it gives the exception please let me know what I have to do?

Please see below error which I face,

enter image description here

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    check Ref: webnoo.com/support/knowledge/… – Rakesh Donga Jan 10 at 7:47
  • @Rakesh thanks for reference every this is fine with the module just i have to chmod 775 /magento/app/code/vendorname/modulename -R to do this step on live server and its working fine and error was gone. Thanks for your reference link. – kinjal mehta Jan 10 at 8:01
  • you can download your old module then you can disable your module after app/etc/config.php file remove your module here then your module delete in app/code directory after run below command rm -rf var/di/* var/generation/* var/cache/* var/log/* var/page_cache/* var/session/* var/view_preprocessed/* pub/static/* then run regular command for extension installation – Rakesh Donga Jan 10 at 8:10
  • @rakesh yes i have solved using your reference link given. Thanks – kinjal mehta Jan 10 at 9:47

Change module file/folder permission

Wrong file/folder permission may cause this error, you should try to set proper permission first, run this command in Magento 2 CLI

chmod 775 /magento/app/code/vendorname/modulename -R

Remove module from app/etc/config.php
If you see the error after removing a module of Magento, then try to remove the module in config.php file located in app/etc/config.php, for example:

return array (
 'modules' =>
  array (
    'Magento_Core' => 1,
    'Magento_Store' => 1,
    'Magento_Theme' => 1,
    'Magento_Authorization' => 1,
    'Magento_custommodule' => 1,

Remove the unwanted module (for example: Magento_custommodule ) and save the file. Finally clear cache to see if the error is gone.


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