I've been trying for days now to get a rewritten model to function. but it doesn't work, I'm puzzled because all seems to be correct.

___Here's my config file : etek/advancednewslettercoupon/etc/config.xml


__the subscriber model: Etek/AdvancedNewsletterCoupon/Mode/Subscriber.php

class Etek_AdvancedNewsletterCoupon_Model_Subscriber extends AW_Advancednewsletter_Model_Subscriber
    _construct() {
        var_dump('Etek Subscriber');die(get_class($this));
    public function subscribe($email, $segments, $params = array())
    {  echo"<pre>";die('Etek Subscriber');


<?xml version="1.0"?>

Let me know if anyone has a solution.

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I found out that I was missing to close the rewrite tag now all works fine.


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