I’m trying to setup free shipping for order amount greater than $500 using a cart price rule with condition subtotal greater than or equal to 500.

I have a product with Price as 525.00 and Price Excl. Tax as 477.27. When I add this product to the cart, it gives a free shipping for that product but when I select an address with zero tax in the checkout shipping page, the base grand total goes to less than 500 but the free shipping still there.

I have my configurations “Apply Discount On Prices = Excluding Tax” and “Apply Customer Tax = After Discount”

When I dig into the issue, I can found that the zero tax is applied after applying the free shipping rule in Magento. Anybody please give me a solution for this?

  • "but the free shipping still there." try to place order anyway, check order on backend rule shouldn't apply. – Partab Saifuddin Zakir Jan 7 at 13:59

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