I've try to resolve this issue many hours but end up with no luck.

Here is the senario:

I have a store locator and have 2 types of dealers. Master and General. I need to list Master dealer first and General Dealers 2nd. Best solution is to use UNION in collection

        $cloneSelect = clone( $collection1->getSelect() );
                 "( ". $cloneSelect ." )",
                 "( ". $collection2->getSelect() ." )",
             ) );

When I view $collection->getSelect()->__toString() this generate ( $collection1 ) UNION ( $collectio2 )

but when I apply $collection1->getSize() or any method it generate following error.

No table has been specified for the FROM clause

I know it generate this error becouse $collection need to have from clause, If that's the case dose anyone have IDEA how to do union and get collection


  • Show the whole SQL please.
    – Amasty
    Commented Jul 24, 2014 at 14:55

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May be you can resolve it by sorting results? Like order by if(master_condition, 1, 0)


Did you try:

$select = $collection1->getSelect()->union($collection2->getSelect());

I was having this problem when using union in the Widget_Grid block "_prepareCollection()" method, that in the process calls the getSize() method you mentioned.

I solved it by using a third auxiliary collection (of which I only selected one key field), and then joining it with my "united" collections on that same key.

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