I want to remove Shipping method table, please check the screenshot below. Link to the Website When you are going through the checkout process, then you can see this option.

Shipping Method


Please refer this

Magento 2 How to remove shipping method in checkout page

for remove the shipping method from cart and checkout step.

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You can disable Shipping method from Store >> Configuration >> Sales >> Shipping method.

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  • I want to keep free shipping, just need to remove that table. – Patrik Jan 6 at 8:34

you can find solution to remove shipping method block from given link Magento 2 How to remove shipping method in checkout page

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  • I tried this but getting stuck at some point. Is there any easy way to disable it or remove it or hide it ? – Patrik Jan 6 at 8:34
  • You can also ovveride checkout_index_index.xml and remove js component item for further understanding refere devdocs magento – Manish Chaubey Jan 6 at 14:29

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