I am using magento 2.2.3 for my store.I observed that some of my product page url goes wrong url or 404 ex.

if i am try to open this url:


then it open like this:


there can be multiple urls which is not working correctly.

what should i do? Any suggestion?

Is there any way where i can regenrate all the product or category urls? Is that good idea?

I have tried this extension (https://github.com/Iazel/magento2-regenurl) to regenerate the url but it's not working for me.

Please help me out with this probelm.


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For above my problem, I seem to have found my solution for that after too much googling.

I have used below extension which is free.


for that particular products i have regenerate product urls again.It working for me correctly.


I'm posting this more for people that run into this issue and are pulling their hair out.

Simple solution for this, no code required.

Go into the product, add a random letter to the end of the product URL Key. UNCHECK the permanent redirect. Save. Remove random character, uncheck redirect, save. 99% of the time the item is fixed.

You are causing Magento to erase what it has in the database and regenerate the URLs.

What's that? Got a bunch to do all at once? No problem. Same thing, but this time do it on the category the items are in.

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