I want to disable cache only for particular block which is called in some pages like Home Page, Category Listing page , Product page and Shopping cart page etc.

<block class="Namespace\Module\Block\Custom" name="custom.storetime" template="Namespace_Module::storetime.phtml"/>

and I do not want to use cacheable=false as its disable the cache for entire page.


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I have solved my problem using ajax post request on phtml file

So I have created two phtml files and in my first phtml file which show the output data on page reload I have called the ajax post request to my custom controller

<div id="customdata"></div>
$ajaxurl = $block->getAjaxUrl();
<script type="text/x-magento-init">
            "*": {
                "Mymodule_Custom/js/custom": {
                    "AjaxUrl": "<?php echo $ajaxurl; ?>",
                    "CurrentProduct": "<?php echo $currentProductId; ?>",

and then in controller called another phtml file and load content from that phtml file using below type of code.

$result = $this->_resultJsonFactory->create();
$resultPage = $this->_resultPageFactory->create();
$currentProductId = $this->getRequest()->getParam('currentproduct');

$data = array('currentproductid'=>$currentProductId);

$block = $resultPage->getLayout()

$result->setData(['output' => $block]);
return $result;

and in this customview.phtml I have loaded my dynamic content and then set to first phtml file using ajax response and it work fine with cache

$productData = $block->getData();
$productId = $productData['data']['currentproductid'];
$products = $block->getProducts($productId);
  <div>YOUR HTML</div>

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