I am working on a Magento 1.9 project, where we developed an extension which sends a 10 % discount coupon to any new newsletter subscriber. We installed now a new extension (advanced newsletter), that overrides the default Magento core newsletter functionalities. In our extension we managed to generate a coupon using an observer (as follows) _config.xml



public function newsletterSubscriber($observer)
$subscriber = $observer->getEvent()->getData(‘subscriber’);
$coupon = $this->_acquireCoupon();
$subscriber->setData(‘discountCoupon’, $coupon->getCode());

we save the generated coupon into the advancednewsletter/subscriber model instead of the default magento newsletter/subscriber. The problem is that we can’t get the coupon code inside the locale template email we tried to get it by


Your coupon code 10% discount for your subscription is: {{htmlescape var=$subscriber.getDiscountCoupon()}}

How can I retrieve the coupon code in the email template?

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