I followed the steps in the below link to disable COD for a particular product.

magento 2 payment methods hide by code.

But I need to show a custom message(some of the items in the cart are not eligible for COD) in the payment section, when COD gets disabled. How can achieve this?

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As you didn't post your code, I am not able to help you, but here is the simple method to display a custom message in Magento 2.

function myFunction() {
   require(['jquery','Magento_Customer/js/customer-data'], function($, customerData){
      //your code
     success: function(data)
          var yourmsg = msg+' '+wishlist_link;
          customerData.set('messages', {
               messages: [{
                     type: 'success', //user as per your need
                     text: yourmsg

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