I know its a simple question, but I am getting an issue while disabling my Magento_Banner.

I followed this doc


But i am getting this error Table magento_banner do not have a column with name banner_id on running bin/magento setup:upgrade command.

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on running bin/magento module:disable Magento_Banner

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Things to Remember While Enabling or Disabling Magento 2 Extensions

Some modules(e.g Magento_Banner) have dependencies on other modules due to which, modules can be disabled or enabled. Here are some examples of it:

  • If Module A depends on module B, then you have to disable Module A first because you cannot disable Module B directly.
  • If Module A depends on module B, then you have to enable Module B first because you cannot enable Module A directly.
  • If Module A conflicts with Module B then you cannot enable Module A and Module B at the same time. However, you can disable Module A and Module B, or you can disable either module.


Disable module output in a simple deployment

The procedure for disabling module output on a single instance of Magento is easier because the changes don’t have to be distributed.

  1. Archive the original <Magento_install_dir>/vendor/magento/module-backend/etc/config.xml file.
  2. Add lines similar to the following to the <Magento_install_dir>/vendor/magento/module-backend/etc/config.xml file, directly under the <default> element:


Run the following command to export the configuration changes:

$ bin/magento app:config:dump

The results are written to the /app/etc/config.php file.

Next, clear the cache to enable the new setting:

$ bin/magento cache:clean config

Go to admin->content->content. You can see Dynamic Block is disabled.

See the below link to get more in detail

Disable module output

  • i already tried this, no success, – summu Dec 26 '19 at 6:52
  • Updated my answer. Check wheather you are doing the same. Becouse Its verified in M233. – Supravat Mondal Dec 26 '19 at 7:13

You may add following code in the bottom of the app/etc/config.php file. Add the code starting from 'system' => [

   'Yotpo_Yotpo' => 1
    'system' => [
        'websites' => [
            'base' => [
                'advanced' => [
                    'modules_disable_output' => [
                        'Magento_Banner' => '1'

After that run setup:upgrade command.

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