I have a custom table. Using the InstallSchema, I was able to add default values using:

    ['nullable' => false, 'default' => \Magento\Framework\DB\Ddl\Table::TIMESTAMP_INIT],
    'Created At'
    ['nullable' => false, 'default' => \Magento\Framework\DB\Ddl\Table::TIMESTAMP_INIT_UPDATE],
    'Updated At'

How can i achieve the same thing using the db schema xml file? :

<table comment="my table comment" engine="innodb" name="my_table_name" resource="default">
    <column name="created_at" nullable="false" xsi:type="datetime"/>
    <column name="updated_at" nullable="true" xsi:type="datetime"/>
<table comment="my table comment" engine="innodb" name="my_table_name" resource="default">
<column xsi:type="timestamp" name="created_at" on_update="false" nullable="false" default="CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" comment="Created At"/>
<column xsi:type="timestamp" name="updated_at" on_update="true" nullable="false" default="CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" comment="Updated At"/>

use xsi:type="timestamp" . please implement and let me know if helpfull


Eventually, I found out. Please see:

<column name="created_at" nullable="false" xsi:type="datetime" default="CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" on_update="false"/>
<column name="updated_at" nullable="true" xsi:type="datetime" default="CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" on_update="true"/>

I needed to add this part: default="CURRENT_TIMESTAMP"

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