It doesn't seem like the cron job is doing anything. I keep getting warnings in the admin panel that the indexes are invalid. The crontab file is as expected. The emails are not getting sent either.

* * * * * /opt/plesk/php/7.2/bin/php /var/www/vhosts/steamspeed.com/httpdocs/bin/magento cron:run 2>&1 | grep -v "Ran jobs by schedule" >> /var/www/vhosts/var/log/magento.cron.log
* * * * * /opt/plesk/php/7.2/bin/php /var/www/update/cron.php >> /var/www/httpdocs/var/log/update.cron.log
* * * * * /opt/plesk/php/7.2/bin/php /var/www/httpdocs/bin/magento setup:cron:run >> /var/www/httpdocs/var/log/setup.cron.log
* * * * * /opt/plesk/php/7.2/bin/php /var/www/httpdocs/bin/magento php indexer:reindex
* * * * * date >> ~/cron-test.txt

So, I added that cron-text.txt job, and it adds the date/time to that txt file.

~$ cat cron-test.txt
Tue Dec 24 01:30:01 UTC 2019

Currently, my crown config is set to defaults. Any suggestion why nothing seems to be happening?

default cron settings

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May Issue on cron setup so let run the below command

//cron setup

php -dmemory_limit=-1 bin/magento cron:install

//cron run

php -dmemory_limit=-1 bin/magento cron:run

Also, check-in the log file may be permission issue more reference check link

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