Consider i have three blocks on left sidebar namely block_1, block_2 and block_3

i can remove all of the above block by using below code

<remove name="block_1" />
<remove name="block_2" />
<remove name="block_3" />

but i dont want to use above code as blocks in my sidebar are coming dynamically. so i am looking for code which will remove all the block, something like <remove name="all" />

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    try <remove name="left"> – MeenakshiSundaram R Jul 24 '14 at 7:13
  • Have you tried the solutions below? Do they work for you? Then please consider accepting an answer. – Simon Aug 12 '14 at 7:01

Via layout XML (although this will remove the whole block including the container):

<remove name="left" />

Programmatically: In your config.xml, listen to the event core_block_abstract_to_html_before (this will keep the container, but will remove all child blocks):


And then in your Observer.php, unset all children if the current block is the block of the left sidebar:

public function coreBlockAbstractToHtmlBefore(Varien_Event_Observer $observer) {
    /* @var Mage_Core_Block_Abstract $block */
    $block = $observer->getEvent()->getBlock();
    if ($block->getNameInLayout() == 'left') {
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Technically you could try removing block left and creating it again. I haven't tried it myself but similar approaches are known to be used elsewhere.

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