I want to add product url as button for product programmatically. After clicking it should process for purchasing process. I want to add it on CMS or any custom page.(exactly how we can add it through

admin panel, 

> Page->edit page->add widget(product url link)->save).

you dont need to go very deep in to just add a new block and use button inside anchor tag and then add the product url and insert that block on homepage through widget for reference refer the code below:-

<a href="http://localhost:96/magento/laptops.html"><button type="button"> Shop Now</button> </a>

just do some here in url it is suggested to use dynamic url hope this helps

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  • does it work for you?? or if you need anymore help please let me know – Chikku Dec 30 '19 at 6:28

you can call one .phtml file on CSM page or Block and in .phtml file, you can load product and put add to cart button as you want.

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