Currently I'm using magento 2.2.8 and so far I know about 3 main options to import simple products (using csv file).

a) csv import (Magento seems quite slow on this end) and only allows batches of about 400 products locally (on live server, only 100). This is the option I've already tried.

b) Using rest. Have to do some coding to get it working, as well as get acquainted with it.

c) Magento API. Have to do some coding to get it working, as well as get acquainted with it.

My prefered way would be to use direct sql queries + some php, but seems that database structure is a little bit convoluted.

  • On speed: Which method is faster? Would have a go on coding if it proves worthy on b or c
  • On batch size: Which method allows more products "per batch"?
  • Are there other methods I've not considered?

I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but don't have the budget (0 budget) for something like fire and bear (which according to their site works wonders, but is out of question here).


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if you like to experiment you can try this tool https://m2if.com/

Compatible with Magento 2 Community and Commerce Edition!

The Magento 2 Import Framework M2IF comes with a set of powerful components, that support you to build high performance, rock solid and easy to use import services 100 % compatible with the default Magento 2 CSV format

but for any heavy imports you need to increase apache/php/mysql limits and timeouts.

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