We have a custom requirement which is totally swapped as per Magento default configurable flow.

Magento Default Configurable Flow:

1) Main configurable product displaying on the frontend listing page.

2) Color/Size color swatches we can see on the PDP page of the main configurable page.

Our Custom Need:

1) We wanted to display associated simple products in the listing page instead of main configurable product(Reason: We have less catalog so if we display simple products in the listing then it'll show more products to the customer)

2) In the Simple product listing page, we need to display the same Swatches which we can see in the configurable page

What we are doing:

-- We have updated Visibility settings from the admin and display associated products instead of main configurable

-- We made redirect custom code like by clicking on a simple product from the listing page it'll redirect to the main configurable page and we will achieve our custom need HOWEVER we have doubt on this redirect custom code

1) Is this a proper way?

2) Redirect code will impact on SEO part anywhere? Waiting for some response!! Thanks in advance!!

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