I want to add background color for this cms page I want to add background color for this cms page

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add css

.cms-home .main-container{background-color: #06466C;}

.cms-home replace your page (body class) name class


Use Current Page Parent Class.

Every CMS page has unique Class name so you can use this name to apply different background color of different page.

here some CMS page class name are list here

Home Page : .cms-home.cms-index-index

Product List Page : .catalog-category-view

Product View Page : .catalog-product-view

Shoping Cart Page : .checkout-cart-index

Checkout Page : .checkout-index-index

Checkout Success Page : .checkout-onepage-success

Contact Us Page : .contact-index-index

Popular Search Page : .search-term-popular

Order and Return Page ( Guest ) : .sales-guest-form

Advance Search Page : .catalogsearch-advanced-index

Privacy and Policy Page : .cms-privacy-policy-cookie-restriction-mode

Create Account Page : .customer-account-create

Customer Login Page : .customer-account-login

Customer My Account Page : .account.customer-account-index

Customer My Orders Page : .account.sales-order-history

Customer My Downloadable Product Page : .account.downloadable-customer-products

Customer My Wishlist Page : .account.wishlist-index-index

Customer Address Book Page : .account.customer-address-form

Customer Account Edit Page : .account.customer-account-edit

Store Payment Methods Page : .account.vault-cards-listaction

Customer Account Edit Page : .account.paypal-billing_agreement-index

My Product Review Page : .account.review-customer-index

Customer Newsletter Subscription Page : .account.newsletter-manage-index

Cookie Page : .cms-enable-cookies

Customer Service Page : .cms-customer-service

404 Page : .cms-no-route

If you add Custome page Then see in page body tag, here you will see your unique class name enter image description here

I Hope This Helps You.

  • it's very useful for change color according to different page. Thanks @Msquare
    – user83874
    Feb 22, 2020 at 4:03

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