I’m new in using Magento.

I’m using Magento 1.9. My web site have to sell Paper books and Ebooks, so I set two kind of products in my catalogue: “simple” and “downloadable”. Now my need is to import automatically with a csv (or xml) file all my catalogue. But when I use the import function it works just for “simple product”.

When I import a csv file like this:

sku,_store,_attribute_set,_type,_category,_root_category,_product_websites,title_book […other attributes] 123456,,"paper books",simple,"Paper books","My category",base,"My paper book title" […other values]

Everything works fine. If I change the type value in downloadable, with something like the following:

sku,_store,_attribute_set,_type,_category,_root_category,_product_websites,title_book […other attributes] 123456E,,"ebooks",downloadable,"Ebooks"," My category ",base, ,"My ebook title" […other values]

I get the following message error: Product Type is invalid or not supported in rows

I tried to import with System>Import/Export/Import root or using the Dataflow Profiles both.

If I change the type value in grouped or virtual or configurable it works. The problem is just for downloadable one.

It’s making me crazy!

Can someone help me, please?

Thank you, Enzo


And is there a suggestion on how modify the ImportExport config file? I would just need to upload the metadata of my product (the same attributes that I use for my simple products). My will is to add the files manually after the upload of csv file.

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As of CE, only four product types can be imported using ImportExport:

  • Simple
  • Configurable
  • Virtual
  • Grouped

These types and their import models are defined in the ImportExport config file.

I'm afraid you would have to write your own import adapter for downloadable products.

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