in catalog_product_view.xml of my theme I have a block like this

`<block class="Magento\Catalog\Block\Product\View" name="extra.product.info" template="product/view/extra-product-info.phtml" after="product.price.final"/>`

Then in "extra-product-info.phtml" file I see these lines of code:

    $_product = $block->getProduct(); 
    if ($block->displayProductStockStatus()){

displayProductStockStatus() method is used by Magento to decide whether to display or not, the product's stock status in the product detail page; The stock status visibility can be set from the Admin -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Inventory -> Stock Options -> "Display products availability in stock on Storefront" backend config option.

Now, how can I get displayProductStockStatus() method from a custom block?

For example, I created a custom module and I added the block in catalog_product_view.xml, then I created the block file app/code/{CustomVendor}/{CustomModule}/Block/MyBlock.php with this code `

use Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template;
use Magento\Framework\Registry;

class MyBlock extends \Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template
     * @var Registry
    protected $registry;

     * @var \Magento\Catalog\Model\Product
    protected $product;

     * ProductView constructor.
     * @param Template\Context $context
     * @param array $data
     * @param Registry $registry
    public function __construct(
        Template\Context $context,
        array $data = [],
        Registry $registry
        $this->registry = $registry;
        parent::__construct($context, $data);

     * @return \Magento\Catalog\Model\Product
    public function getProduct()
        if (is_null($this->product)) {
            $this->product = $this->registry->registry('product');

        return $this->product;



Besides, from my template file /app/code/{CustomVendor}/{CustomModule}/view/frontend/templates/myblock.phtml I can access the product like this:

`<?php $_product = $block->getProduct(); ?>`

But I can't get $block->displayProductStockStatus() because the block class extends \Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template and not \Magento\Catalog\Block\Product\View

any idea how to implement this method in the class?

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Open the following class:


public function displayProductStockStatus()
    $statusInfo = new \Magento\Framework\DataObject(['display_status' => true]);
    $this->_eventManager->dispatch('catalog_block_product_status_display', ['status' => $statusInfo]);
    return (bool) $statusInfo->getDisplayStatus();

Now you can check where Magento set display_status by the event. So open the following class:


public function execute(EventObserver $observer)
    $info = $observer->getEvent()->getStatus();

Additionally, you can check how to implement:


public function isDisplayProductStockStatus($store = null)
    return $this->scopeConfig->isSetFlag(

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