I've installed a module which didn't work as expected.

As a fix I tried changing the admin use parameter in the config.xml as i noticed it was the old router coding style.

After changing <use>admin</use> to <use>customadminurl</use> the admin panel is now inacessible. It just returns 404 error page.

                        <ordercomment before="Mage_Adminhtml">Tech18_OrderComment_Adminhtml</ordercomment>

I've tried to change the routing to the new style without the use parameter, but this didn't fix it.


I've tried:

  • purging cache via n98-magerun
  • revert changes
  • checking conflicts via n98-magerun
  • reindexing
  • disabling the module
  • Changing admin url to non-custom (default "admin") both in database and local.xml
  • Checking rewrites table
  • checking all log files
  • checking core_config_data for issues
  • enabling security, backwards extension compatibility in

( https://marketplace.magento.com/18thtechnology-order-notification-of-creator.html#bv_questions)

  • May be redis related - n98-magerun does not seem to purge redis cache. Commented Dec 14, 2019 at 15:37

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It was just a redis cache issue

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