Error in controller :- Undefined property: SimpleMagento\Custom\Controller\Test\First\Interceptor::$getRequest .......While fetching data from custom form. Can someone provide me solution or how to fetch data from custom form to controller ... Magento 2

Or else how to fetch data from custom form and store it to the custom table in DB.

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somwhere in the class SimpleMagento\Custom\Controller\Test\First there is this:

$this->getRequest instead of $this->getRequest(). Missing ()


Seems, you have using the code $getRequest at SimpleMagento\Custom\Controller\Test\First. $getRequest wrong variable if you want to get form posted data at this URL.

Then you have to use

$this->getRequest() instead of $getRequest

Use $this->getRequest()->getParams() for getting All fields value, this getParams() give value in key-value format

Also $this->getRequest()->getPostValues() can use. Donot forgot to get do compile

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