Is it possible to put orders which been clicked in cancel from admin and do a check if the check fails keep it as pending

  • First of all you cannot change canceled order to pending order, but you can reorder which already been canceled. Please let me know. – Nits Nov 28 '19 at 7:20

Yes it is possible, but you need to do it programmatically

Create a helper in any of your module


And use following code:


namespace Vendor\Module\Helper;
use Magento\Framework\App\Helper\AbstractHelper;
use Magento\Framework\App\Helper;
use Magento\Sales\Model\Order;
use Magento\CatalogInventory\Model\Indexer\Stock\Processor as StockProcessor;
class Data extends AbstractHelper
     * @var \Magento\CatalogInventory\Api\StockManagementInterface
    protected $stockManagement;
     * @var StockProcessor
    protected $stockIndexerProcessor;

    public function __construct(
        Helper\Context $context,
        \Magento\CatalogInventory\Api\StockManagementInterface $stockManagement,
        StockProcessor $stockIndexerProcessor

    public function uncancleorder($order, $comment = "")
            throw new \Magento\Framework\Exception\LocalizedException(__('Invalid Order'));

        if ($order->isCanceled()) {
            $state = "new";
            $productStockQty = [];
            foreach ($order->getAllVisibleItems() as $item) {
                $productStockQty[$item->getProductId()] = $item->getQtyCanceled();
                foreach ($item->getChildrenItems() as $child) {
                    $productStockQty[$child->getProductId()] = $item->getQtyCanceled();

            if (!empty($comment)) {
                $order->addStatusHistoryComment($comment, false);

            /* Reverting inventory */
            $itemsForReindex = $this->stockManagement->registerProductsSale(
            $productIds = [];
            foreach ($itemsForReindex as $item) {
                $productIds[] = $item->getProductId();
            if (!empty($productIds)) {


        } else {
            throw new \Magento\Framework\Exception\LocalizedException(__('We cannot un-cancel this order.'));
        return true;

Note: Edit this helper according to your requirements.

Now call uncancel method anywhere, just pass order object and comment(if required)

Reference module: https://github.com/Genmato/M2_UnCancelOrder

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