I found the element that i want to remove here: vendor/magento/module-customer-custom-attributes/view/frontend/templates/customer/form/edit.phtml

I've created a new edit.phtml file here:


My changes are not showing up when i override but they work when i directly edit the vendor file?

What am i missing?

I'm just attempting to hide the checkbox for change email so they're not able to change email.

After my changes i run upgrade, di:compile and deploy static content as well as clean and flush cache.

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You're close, this is just a path issue on how to override *.phtml files of modules from within a theme. Your current file:


The path should be as follows:


The view/frontend part of your current path must be omitted for this type of change.

  • That's it? So i was super close. For some reason i thought with this particular folder you needed to add more files.
    – Head Way
    Nov 28, 2019 at 1:07
  • 1
    That's it @HeadWay :) You may need to clear cache depending on your current configuration. setup:di:compile and setup:upgrade shouldn't be necessary here for this type of change. Same with setup:static-content:deploy, as *.phtml files aren't published to the pub/static/* directory, they are read server side. Please do take a moment to mark my answer as accepted should this resolve your issue. P.S: I really enjoy the cat on the head haha Nov 28, 2019 at 1:26

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