I want to override


with some changes.

Default layout output:- enter image description here

Expected output:-

enter image description here

Here I want to move comment div out side "product-item-info" div.

Please let me know the magento2 best practice to achieve this.

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You can override this file in your custom theme. Because using wishlist_index_index.xml that change is not possible.




Content for this file is..

/** @var \Magento\Wishlist\Block\Customer\Wishlist\Items $block */
$columns = $block->getColumns();

<div class="products-grid wishlist">
    <?php if (count($block->getItems())) : ?>
    <ol class="product-items">
        <?php foreach ($block->getItems() as $item) : ?>
            <li data-row="product-item" class="product-item" id="item_<?= $block->escapeHtmlAttr($item->getId()) ?>">
                <div class="product-item-info" data-container="product-grid">
                    <?php foreach ($columns as $column) : ?>
                        <?php if($column->getNameInLayout() != 'customer.wishlist.item.inner'): ?>
                            <?= $column->setItem($item)->toHtml();?>
                        <?php endif; ?>
                    <?php endforeach; ?>
                <?php echo $block->getLayout()->getBlock('customer.wishlist.item.inner')->setItem($item)->toHtml(); ?>
        <?php endforeach; ?>
    <?php else : ?>
        <div class="message info empty">
            <span><?= $block->escapeHtml(__('This Wish List has no Items')) ?></span>
    <?php endif; ?>

<?php foreach ($columns as $column) : ?>
    <?= $column->getAdditionalHtml() ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

Hope this will help you!


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