I have a strange problem with my special price query update.

When I run the query, the special price is updated in the database. But when I reindex and clean the cache, the special price in the backend is always the old price.

I have no other references of the old special prices.

This is my query

update catalog_product_entity_decimal ucped
join catalog_product_entity cpe on ucped.entity_id = cpe.entity_id
join catalog_product_relation pr on cpe.entity_id = pr.parent_id
join catalog_product_entity child on pr.child_id = child.entity_id
join catalog_product_entity_varchar ev on child.entity_id = ev.entity_id and ev.attribute_id = 71
set ucped.value = '209.99'
where child.sku like 'my_sku%'
and ucped.attribute_id = 76 -- special price attributes id

If I do a select to check the special price in the database I see all my product with the new price, if I check in Magento 2 admin, the products have older prices.

Do I need to do something else? Can I run a CRON to let Magento get the new special price?

Thanks for your help.

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