I need to uninstall an extension in Magento 2.3.1, this extension was installed manually. I follow the follow steps (for example for the extension "Size Chart"):

bin/magento module:disable Bss_SizeChart --clear-static-content
rm -rf app/code/Bss/SizeChart
bin/magento cache:clean
bin/magento cache:flush
bin/magento setup:upgrade

But I have detected that there are still data and tables related to this extension in the database:

  • In the table eav_attribute there is a record associated with this module (which I must delete manually so as not to have errors on my website
  • In my database there is a table associated with this extension: bss_size_chart
  • In the table setup_module there is a record associated with this extension

My Questions

  • How can I know if there is more information associated with an extension that I want to delete?
  • Is there any way to be able to uninstall an extension and automatically delete all the records and tables in my database associated with the extension we want to delete?

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From my undertsanding, the only way to clean it up automatically is if you have used composer to install it - you would then use composer to uninstall it.

If you check the InstallSchema.php or UpgradeSchema within the Setup folder it should at least shed some light of the tables / columns that were added, and you can then manually remove.

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