Magento 2.2.6 with standard checkout

I have 3 available countries in my checkout. After switching between the countries, the available payment methods are shown or hidden accordingly, so that works as expected.

As soon as I enter the zip (no matter if its a correct or wrong zip) though and switch the countries, it keeps showing me the "no payment methods available" message. Is there any settings that I am missing?


  • Enable the sql query log and check what queries are running and what are the results of those queries. – MGento Nov 21 '19 at 11:11
  • How do I enable it, or are you talking about the standard logs? – Arnie Nov 21 '19 at 11:25
  • Magento writes database activity logs to the var/debug/db.log file inside the Magento application directory. Use the command php bin/magento dev:query-log:enable – MGento Nov 21 '19 at 11:30
  • Ok, thanks, Ill take a look! – Arnie Nov 21 '19 at 11:53

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