We have some problems when we include static cms blocks into the template with our Magento

We include the cms block this way:

<?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('cms/block')->setBlockId('cms-block-name')->toHtml() ?>

The problem is that the Doctype and HTML-Structure is included everytime with the cms block. We don't know how and can't find a way to fix it.

  • This should't happen. Check if your block does not actually contain the doctype. Disable the editor and take a look at the actual content.
    – Marius
    Jul 22, 2014 at 10:58
  • Hello Marius. We have searched a wile but we found the problem. We disabled extension after extension. Problem is the Ikantam_Internalseolinking extension. Now it still works an is valid. Patrick
    – user12411
    Jul 23, 2014 at 20:51
  • 1
    Post what you found as an answer and mark it as accepted.
    – Marius
    Jul 24, 2014 at 6:18


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