My cart has a total order amount greater than $1.00 still it shows an error Minimum order amount is $1.00

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As the cart has an order total of $2.62 even after applying a discount which is greater than the minimum order amount $1.00 then why this error is being shown?

Any idea?

EDIT: I have debugged it and I found that in file vendor/magento/module-quote/Model/Quote.php

if (!$minOrderMulti) {
            foreach ($addresses as $address) {
                $taxes = ($taxInclude) ? $address->getBaseTaxAmount() : 0;
                foreach ($address->getQuote()->getItemsCollection() as $item) {
                    /** @var \Magento\Quote\Model\Quote\Item $item */
                    $amount = $item->getBaseRowTotal() - $item->getBaseDiscountAmount() + $taxes;
                    if ($amount < $minAmount) {
                        return false;

In above code it considers item's base row total in calculation which is $21.82 in my case and base_discount_Amount which is $21.38 and tax is $0.24 it means it would be $21.82 - $21.38+ $0.24 = $0.2 which is less than $1.00

But why it is taking base row total in the calculation instead of base_price_incl_tax which is $24.00 it would work fine then.

Can you please let me know any suggestions on how to overcome this?


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