i want to add a custom side bar phtml file in the home page that would show specific categories. i couldn't find a specific layout or template file for the homepage. any ideas?

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Magento 2: How to override Luma Theme Home Page

here you can find the details hope this helps if helps accept as answer

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to answer my question: first, the homepage like many other pages(ex: footer) are CMS pages, meaning that they are created and used by the admin, meaning that they don't have a particular layout or template or block files. 1-if you want to change the layout to 2-columns-left for example, you can either do it the admin panel or like I did edit the row in the database with installData:

$setup->updateTableRow('cms_page', 'page_id', '2', 'page_layout', '2columns-left');

2- next you want to create your sidebar template and it's the corresponding block in your custom module. 3- finally in your custom theme in


add this:

        <referenceContainer name="page.wrapper">

            <referenceContainer name="columns">
                <container name="div.sidebar.main" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="sidebar sidebar-main" before="main">
                    <container name="sidebar.main" as="sidebar_main" label="Sidebar Main">
                        <block class="vendore\module\Block\SideBar"

and like this you can a custom side bar in your home page

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