After successful migration theme setup not working, setup Magento luma theme not working.

Theme Setup :

enter image description here

My website look like:

enter image description here


main.ERROR: Unable to load theme by specified key: 'default/theme327k' [] []

Note : theme327k is my magento 1 theme.

  • Can you please share more details , Not working is too generic to provide a solution – Vishwas Bhatnagar Nov 15 '19 at 5:27
  • can you please attach some screens. – Oscprofessionals Nov 15 '19 at 5:54
  • Pls check with my updated post – zus Nov 15 '19 at 5:58
  • please also show error logs. – Oscprofessionals Nov 15 '19 at 5:58
  • Please go to /var/reports folder and open the latest report file. Here you will get the clue. – Mohit Kumar Arora Nov 15 '19 at 5:59

Refereed Answer from Stack Exchange @Khoa TruongDinh

  1. Try clear the cache and run the bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy again.
  2. To add new theme you need to turn in developer mode.
  3. Sometimes new theme added to theme table in our database with param type=1 (virtual theme). Try to set it to 0 (physical theme). For example:

mysql> insert into theme (parent_id,theme_path,theme_title,preview_image,is_featured,area,type,code) VALUES ('1','MyVendor/Base','MyVendor Base', NULL, 0, 'frontend', 0, 'MyVendor/Base');

We can read more here:

https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/3409 https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/2797


check cms_page table in database and check if default/theme327k is set in custom_theme column then execute this query in phpmyadmin,

UPDATE cms_page SET custom_theme = NULL WHERE custom_theme IS NOT NULL

I found records in the cms_page table referring to a non-existent theme.

Hope this will help you.

  • Not working..... – zus Nov 15 '19 at 6:37
  • You need to match core config table in DB of both the instances and match, there is something missing there. – Oscprofessionals Nov 15 '19 at 6:47
  • May i know what is this error main.DEBUG: cache_invalidate: – zus Nov 15 '19 at 12:30

Looking at the logs shared by @zus, I think the theme name does not match with the name saved in the theme table.

To fix this, first run this:

SELECT * FROM `core_config_data` WHERE `path` LIKE '%theme_id%'

It will show you the theme ID which is currently in use.

Now go to theme table and delete the entry with the theme ID of the previous step.

Now remove the content of /var/cache folder and recheck.

I hope it should solve your problem.


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