I have this piece of code inside


<div id="poboxmessage" style="display: none; color: red;">address</div>

I am trying to display this div inside this file at the bottom which is working fine on English page but not getting translated to french.



I have put the translation of english to french inside



Also the translation in



I am able to display text only in English on both english and french pages the issue is just my text is not getting translated some how. I am still trying to figure out if I have missed any steps. Any advice or suggestion would help me thanks

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I was misinterpreting that my div returns a string in block inside mage functionality rather it needs to be converted to block first and then into plain text. $.mage returns just a string while (__) is function which takes of translation putting whole chunk of document.getElementById('poboxmessage').style.display inside $.mage function would not understand anything and returns just a string block

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