We sell buttons (for the plug). Each of the buttons will cost 2,- Euro. A defined set of 3 buttons will cost 5,- EUR. All individual buttons are created as simple products. So far so good.

I have already tried a lot. The problems are:

  • Grouped: The customer can define the number but the number is set).
  • Bundle: compilation, the user can choose (but he should not) and the price is not unique.

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If you want to offer this defined set with its own product page, bundle products are the perfect fit.

To address your problems:

  • When you create a bundle, you can choose to give it a fixed price instead of dynamic price, this means the price will not depend on the simple products.
  • If you make the bundle options required and only add one selection per option, the user won't get to choose anything:

    • Option 1: Type "Checkbox", Required
      • Selection: Button 1
    • Option 2: Type "Checkbox", Required
      • Selection: Button 2
    • Option 3: Type "Checkbox", Required
      • Selection: Button 3

If all the products are the same you can use tiered prices. If not, you can set promotions/discount rules to match a certain criteria. Most of what you need might be here.

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