I've been banging my head off a brick wall on this so I'd like to double check if I'm going about this the wrong way. I have set up a child theme, and have applied that to a store - all of the child theme styles, XML instructions etc are working fine - apart from in checkout_cart_index.xml. It looks like this is being ignored, and the parent theme's checkout_cart_index.xml contains the last set of instructions for the cart (I can see this when inspecting the layout cache).

The theme structure is as follows:


extending from


My XML file is located at


I don't think it's the contents of the file that are the issue, I've tried to deliberately break the cart by adding junk to the file, adding various remove instructions etc, but it looks like it's never being read. I can't see any issue with the directory path structure, as it's exactly the same as for the parent theme, where the XML file is being read.


The child theme is definitely being applied to the store, I can see changes applied elsewhere in the child theme, and in the assets generated.

Could there be something obvious i'm missing here?

Many thanks

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