I am trying to put a checkbox on the checkout page and need to display a message at the sidebar on the summary section. I am struggling with the binding of checkbox and span text. Please have a look at the code.


<div id="aw-taxexempt-container" data-bind="blockLoader: isLoading">
 <div class="col-mp mp-12" data-bind="attr: {for: 'place-order-taxexempt'}">
<h4 data-bind="i18n: 'Tax Exemption'"></h4>
<form id="aw-taxexempt-form" class="form">
<input type="checkbox" class="aw-taxexempt-checkbox" name="aw_taxexempt" 
       data-bind="checked: isTaxexempt, click: useTaxExempt, attr: {id: 'aw-taxexempt-checkbox'}"/>
<label data-bind="attr: {for: 'aw-taxexempt-checkbox'}">
    <span data-bind="i18n: 'Do you want to include tax exemption?'"></span>


return Component.extend({

    defaults: {
        template: 'Aheadworks_Taxexempt/taxexempt_form'
    initialize: function () {
        var self = this;    
        return this;

    initObservable: function () {
                isTaxexempt: false,
                getTaxExemptMessage: 'not checked'
        return this;

    isLoading: isLoading,

     * Use tax exempt
    useTaxExempt: function () {
         if (this.isTaxexempt()) {
            this.getTaxExemptMessage('checkbox is checked');
        } else {
         this.getTaxExemptMessage('checkbox is not checked');
        return true;


  <div class="block taxexempt-message">
   <span data-bind="text: getTaxExemptMessage()"></span>

The getTaxExemptMessage is not updating the value while it is observable.

Thanks in advance.

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