I use bundle js in magento2 now when i run command the error is comming

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'E:/projecct/tts-core-au-deveopment/pub/static/frontend/Sm/custom/en_AU/jquery-ui-modules/resizable.js'

  • did u find any solution for this @imtiazau Commented Dec 20, 2019 at 11:59
  • yes fixed my issue
    – imtiazau
    Commented Jan 5, 2020 at 6:42
  • Can you Please post your answer? Commented Jan 7, 2020 at 10:03

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In build.js add 'jquery-ui-modules': 'jquery/ui-modules', line code below this 'tinycolor': 'jquery/spectrum/tinycolor',

  • worked fine now.
    – imtiaz
    Commented Feb 17, 2020 at 7:57

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