I need some help in some project based on Magento EE 1.14.
I need to change statuses of big amount records in Catalog->Rule-based Product Ralations, it belongs to enterprise module - Enterprise_TargetRule. I made for this task a mass action. But when I try to use it server freezes and show me an error (simple error that smth wrong in the server side).
Than I checked how it save individual record in this menu. And it make exactly the same. After some more tries, I get exception message in alert, where was sql error - 1205 Lock wait timeout exceeded; and there was a sql code that trying to update record in enterprise_targetrule table. In forums I find for this sql error solution - increase value called innodb_lock_wait_timeout. But it did not help.
I try other things - searching for observers that may caused such problems, trying to debug it (it crashes on save() method, by debugging it I follow to file mysql.php and so on). It has no results. But one time while saving through admin panel I got an alert with different error: it trying to insert many records in relative table called enterprise_targetrule_product and crashes on it (in this table many records - about 1 million). By doing some debug, I think it doing something in aftersave method (Rule model), that may caused a problem. But still, it community enterprise module, why it caused such problem.
I try to make update enterprise_targetrule record in sql terminal. And in the begining it doing well, but lately it starting freezes and show error about timeout again. I checked are there some triggers for database, but didn't found any.
Also that problem occurs in local environment and also on dev server. Please, help! How can I fix it? It doesn't save these records.

P.S. Sorry for my English.

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