I have a Multi webshop installation with 3 existing shops. They have their products. Now I want to migrate an OSCommerce shop to Magento and add as 4th shop. About 50% of the products are shared between the new shop and the existing Magento shops. Just different names, descriptions, amounts. I want to keep the SEO/ranking of the OSCommerce products when moving to Magento.

However, these products have already their permanent re-direct enabled in product maintenance. The problem I see is that the URL-key is only at a global level and not on the shop level. Is there any way I can keep the re-directs as currently maintained in Magento for the 3 shops already AND also add a 301 re-direct from the OSCommerce to the new Magento product for the 4th shop?

example: product URL existing Magento shop "1": sony-Bravia-8100.html

existing OSCommerce URL LED-Bravia-sony-8100.html

I want to keep sony-Bravia-8100.html (as this has its own ranking and is applicable for shop 1, but I also want to have for the same product in Magento for shop 4 the re-direct from LED-Bravia-sony-8100.html.

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You are on the right track. We also migrated 4 unique shops in to Magento 1.6.2 multi store. After hat we just turned on mod rewrite. Here is a article how you do it in admin mod rewrite.

Don't forget that if you have back links from the OSC time, you ned to find them and do a 301 redirect so you don't loose the links.

I hope it helps. And it's late here so I'm not sure if I forgot something.


One of the solutions we've implemented was to use a url rewrite php file included in index.php. It would act as a translator for legacy urls and direct to the storefronts as needed.

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