I need to add one image (the same image) at the end of the gallery images for all products, in file fotorama.js. How can i do that? I know there are other ways to do that , but it is important that I do that with fotorama.js (preference or plugin) Does anyone knows that how to solve it? Thanks in advance.

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I got the solution after some R & D on fotorama.js I override the file of fotorama.js in My_Theme.


I want to Enable both gallery nav arrow and don't want to hide nav arrow when slider goes up and down in vertical way arrow. Also i want to enable that arrow only if image is more than 4.

Lets see in fotorama.js for enabling both arrow.

line no 22.

//wrapToggleArrowsClass = wrapClass + '--toggle-arrows',
  wrapToggleArrowsClass = wrapClass + '',
line no 33.

//arrDisabledClass = arrClass + '--disabled',

  arrDisabledClass = arrClass + '',
From Line no 2635 to 2664

function arrsUpdate() {
            /* var disablePrev = disableDirrection(0),
                disableNext = disableDirrection(1);
                .toggleClass(arrDisabledClass, disablePrev)
                .attr(disableAttr(disablePrev, false));
                .toggleClass(arrDisabledClass, disableNext)
                .attr(disableAttr(disableNext, false));

        function thumbArrUpdate() {
            /*var isLeftDisable = false,
                isRightDisable = false;
            if (opts.navtype === 'thumbs' && !opts.loop) {
                (activeIndex == 0) ? isLeftDisable = true : isLeftDisable = false;
                (activeIndex == opts.data.length - 1) ? isRightDisable = true : isRightDisable = false;
            if (opts.navtype === 'slides') {
                var pos = readPosition($navShaft, opts.navdir);
                pos >= navShaftTouchTail.max ? isLeftDisable = true : isLeftDisable = false;
                pos <= navShaftTouchTail.min ? isRightDisable = true : isRightDisable = false;
                .toggleClass(arrDisabledClass, isLeftDisable)
                .attr(disableAttr(isLeftDisable, true));
                .toggleClass(arrDisabledClass, isRightDisable)
                .attr(disableAttr(isRightDisable, true));

Comment out these two functions, after this your gallery arrow will not hide.

For the enabling nav arrow when image is more than 4.

"navarrows": <?php /* @escapeNotVerified */  echo (($block->getVar("gallery/navarrows") == 'true') && ($block->getGalleryImages()->count() > 4)) ? 'true' : 'false'; ?>,

Arrow enable is more than 4 answer source. display arrow if image count is greater than 4

Now every thing is as per requirement.

Hope it helps!!

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