This is peculiar and strange - the featured attribute in Magento 2 seems to be working in opposite directions. When a product featured attribute is switched to "yes" (green) the product doesn't display as featured, however when gray or switched off, the product does appear as featured (The catalog is about 2,000 products).

I migrated the data over from Magento 1.9.0.

There should be a table in the database that declares 1 as "on" and 2 as "off" that may have been switched around either during the migration, or passed through the older version. The old installation although displays products on the home page, those products are not configured as featured.

I could also delete the attribute and create it again.

Any advice would be of assistance!

  • Please check your installed modules, their should be some modules conflicting code. – temper Nov 11 '19 at 6:06

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