I would like to display total quantity of items in cart in the minicart. Basically, we sell items in multiple quantities inside a box, if a user adds 1 box, technically they are adding 10 items. 1 box holds 10 items in it. When I look at checkout and header cart dropdown, it shows as 1 item in cart, however I want it to show me quantity count in cart. I want it to show me the total quantity instead of total item.

For Example :

Item 1 : Qty 10

Item 2 : Qty 20

so currently is showing 2 items in mini cart but i want show number of product quantity in mini cart

so it should show 30 Qty in mini cart

Thanks in advance

Here's a screenshot of what I meant

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Magento by default provide this.

You need to go to Admin -> Store -> Configuration -> Sales -> Checkout-> My Cart Link

Where you can find Field called Display Cart Summary Where you need to select Display number of items in cart option

This will show number of not QTY.

enter image description here

  • I went ahead and updated my question above, seems like it needed more clarification from my end.
    – Muhammad
    Commented Nov 10, 2019 at 1:28

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