I developed a new extension. I have some CSS which I need to include on some templates.







The template is getting called in a CMS page:

{{block class="Fekete\Newsletter2Go\Block\Form" template="Fekete_Newsletter2Go::subscribe.phtml"}}

How can I include the CSS main.css in my template?

I solved it like this, it works... but in the developer documentation they say that we should not include css in the template.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?= $this->getViewFileUrl('Fekete_Newsletter2Go::css/main.css'); ?>"/>
  • Did you override template file or it will call in your controller? – Rakesh Varma Nov 6 '19 at 10:38
  • No, I call the template in a cms page like this {{block class="Fekete\Newsletter2Go\Block\Form" template="Fekete_Newsletter2Go::subscribe.phtml"}} – Black Nov 6 '19 at 10:59

You have to add below code in your router_controller_action.xml before body tag

    <css src="Vendor_Module::css/filename.css" />

If it is a CMS page then you can add above code in CMS page layout update field

  • I have no layout.xml in my module. I created one app\code\Fekete\Newsletter2Go\view\frontend\layout\layout.xml and added your code above <body> but it does not work. Of course I modified it to match my scenario. – Black Nov 6 '19 at 10:48
  • I had to rename layout.xml to default.xml, now it works – Black Nov 6 '19 at 10:54
  • 1
    now it will be included on every page, if you want to include it on any particular page then you have to rename it to router_controller_action.xml – Piyush Nov 6 '19 at 10:56
  • Oh ok I see. I have no controller for this though, it is only a template which I call in a cms page. – Black Nov 6 '19 at 10:57
  • If it is a CMS page then you can add above code in CMS page Layout Update XML field – Piyush Nov 6 '19 at 11:02

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